Image of Paval Tara's The Hospice Retreat
SW_the pause space – PAVAL TARA
SW_the pause space – PAVAL TARA
The Hospice Retreat

Paval Kaur Tara’s own experience of her mother’s end-of-life hospice care has inspired her to re-imagine the hospice as a ‘home away from home’ for patients, where careful design creates an environment allowing home comforts and to sit alongside the spaciousness and care-capabilities they also need.

For Kaur Tara

“Interior design can influence us in many different ways and always has a story behind it. Architecture is the foundation of the place and holds it up but its what’s inside it that makes it feel so special and can make a house feel like a home”.

At The Hospice Retreat, bedrooms are large and luxurious, rather than medicalised and care is taken to consider the whole experience, from the ‘pause’ spaces which reduce the feeling of intimidation for new arrivals, to the ‘breathing spaces’ giving families space to compose themselves when they need it.

Kaur Tara has recently joined Twinkl Educational Publishing’s graduate scheme where she will use her design skills to produce teaching and educational materials and plans to continue to develop her portfolio.