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Maya Dixon
Climate Change Campaign
Maya Dixon Climate Change Campaign
Maya Dixon
Climate Change Campaign

Maya Dixon’s research into the psychological impact of climate change has led her to create a series of campaigning illustrations (and an associated app) applied to the packaging of common consumer items which contribute to climate change. Dixon is astonished that despite the impacts of the climate crisis already affecting us psychologically, we continue to blindly contribute towards it.

“I used imagery of a Polar bear, fire and flood as I know those concepts are influential and induce some strong emotional responses. My designs were then placed on the packaging of common objects, as the juxtaposition between the design on the object and the object itself makes for an interesting reaction. My hope for this project is to encourage the user or viewer to become more conscientious of their own impact and be reminded that we all have a contribution to climate change which consequently leads to a negative impact on our own mental wellbeing”.

Dixon’s work is heavily influenced by her passions for social justice and the environment and touches on modern political, environmental and social affairs in an attempt to draw attention to current global issues and encourage positive change.

“To me, being an illustrator means more than ‘just drawing’ – it is an opportunity to capture people’s attention and give them the information (or the push) that they need to make a change. I hope to use my platform as a designer to push boundaries and make a difference to our society.”

Sheffield-based Maya Dixon takes her inspiration from current global political affairs and filters this into her work. After studying BA Illustration at Sheffield Hallam University, she has found an interest in working in the Editorial Illustration field, however she is also keen on working within branding and packaging design.

Alongside illustration, Maya has experience in working in various disciplines within the art sector, with qualifications also in textile design and experience working with surface pattern design, animation, photography and film.

Reusable Bottle Designs by Maya Dixon
Reusable Bottle Designs
Watercolour and digital, 2020
Sustainable Consumption App
The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread
Rotoscope animation, 00:30, 2018
Quackers Day Out by Maya Dixon
Quackers Day Out
Watercolour and pigment pen, 2018, 148 x 210mm. Eight page story book explaining alternatives to feeding bread to wild ducks.
Sheffield Cathedral by MAya Dixon
Sheffield Cathedral
Watercolour and pigment pen, 2018, 210 x 297mm. Illustration for printed map of the listed buildings in Sheffield City centre.
When Kim met Trump by Maya Dixon
When Kim met Trump
Digital, 2018, 297 x 420mm. Four key frames from a sequential illustration project where I created a storyline about Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump meeting
World Migratory Bird Day and World Science Day for Peace and Development by Maya Dixon
World Migratory Bird Day and World Science Day for Peace and Development
Editorial illustrations, pigment pen and digital, 2019, 210 x 297mm
Biophilia by Maya Dixon
Two colour Risograph print, 2019, 297 x 420mm. Inspired by the idea of nature helping with mental health issues.
Embracing Nature and Brightening Up Your Day
Pigment pen and digital, 2019, 297 x 420mm. Editorial illustrations created in response to an article written about the idea of using nature as a way to help with mental health, and an article about improving mental health by being exposed to light.
Techno Textiles by Maya Dixon
Techno Textiles
Mixed media, 2020, 100 x 100cm. Surface pattern design printed onto cotton, inspired by the technological innovation of using mushrooms to create sustainable packaging to replace single-use plastic