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Degree Show 2020

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Mingyang Li
Idylle 1 and Idylle 2 by Mingyang Li
Mingyang Li

“Living there is totally different from living here, although I follow the same daily routine.
In there, a hundred people would tell me a hundred trivial things on a single day. And would only be ten people here talked to me with two things: ‘cheers’ and ‘sorry’.
In there, Sisyphus moved stones for life; in here, Sisyphus moved stones for the other side.
There, things are boring and down-to-earth. Here, things are boring but free.
Everything will flow like the water under the bridge. And everything will come back. The flowers will die, and they will bloom again, the wheel of existence spins forever.
Time goes by, the sun goes up, and boredom goes on.”

Mingyang Li respects and utilizes the materials and processes of the jeweller and silversmith, using an abstract visual language in which personal emotions are always in play. His uncertain, ambiguous objects explore the way meaning is produced as users and audiences interact with them. Li is interested in philosophy and literature, connecting abstract concepts with materials and exploring the field of visual and narrative, whilst respecting the traditions of craftsmanship and silversmithing.

Idylle 1 and 2
Fine silver sheet, brass bar, steel ball 100x16x16cm (upholder) 15x10cm (main object), photograph by Eli Zhang
Idylle 3 by Mingyang Li
Idylle 3
Silver, aluminium, steel wire, 12x5x4cm, photograph by Eli Zhang