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Sophie Rogac
Love Letter to my Room
Sophie Rogac
Love Letter to my Room
Files made availiable by Sophie Rogac

During the past year, we’ve spent more time in our rooms than ever, with these spaces becoming a reflection of our lives. Love Letter to my Room is about finding beauty in our everyday spaces. Though to us, they may seem cluttered or messy, to others they tell a story. Rooms are not meant to be perfect. They’re a place for living, a place where we experience joy, a place where we experience heartbreak; they’re the most intimate space in a person’s life.

Authenticity was a huge theme in Sophie Rogac‘s final project. She started by researching artists such as Tracey Emin and Adrienne Salinger, who both provide a real and raw insight into the intimacy of personal spaces. She researched further into pop culture, listening to musicians such as The Streets and watching movies and shows like Human Traffic, Peep Show and Spaced, all things that don’t try too hard to create forced narratives and embrace the grittiness of youth culture.

Rogac spent a few hours with each participant, firstly going through their wardrobes and styling them in their own clothes, then discussing any personal interests or hobbies they had, enabling her to incorporate personal elements into each photograph.

Love Letter to my Room aims to celebrate our personal spaces, documenting the intimacy of young people’s rooms and the importance behind them. Every room tells a different story, and Love Letter to my Room is the opening line.

Love Letter to my Room – Rob, 20th March 2021
"My room is big, my room is small Well my room it really has it all. Lots of computers and fairy lights Usually keep it nice and bright. This really is my favourite, I hope I don't have to leave too soon."
Love Letter to my Room – Sebastian, 26th January 2021
"I always hope my room acts as a place of refuge, somewhere tranquil that can help me take a break or end another long day. Conversely, I hope it's somewhere to inspire me/motivate me to work. While the juxtaposition of the two may seem counter-intuitive, I made sure that my room was clean, simple yet with bits of 'me' & colour. I didn't invest lots into the room as it is a student flat, so most of the personalisation comes from small trinkets, posters & plants. I love the window which gives me ample sunlight & a decent street view. At night, I love the sound the underground makes nearby. It's just really good white noise. Overall, I feel like for how temporary, the space gives me a sense of warmth & homeliness to it, on top of a pretty nice flat to begin with."
Love Letter to my Room – Daria, 21st February 2021
"My room is a mess but I think I know where everything is. It makes me feel safe and calm even when my mind isn't. There are a lot of unfinished projects scattered around but I'll get to them one day! My bed's not always made and there's often plates & cups scattered around but I like it that way."
Love Letter to my Room – Gad, 22nd March 2021
"My bedroom is a safe place for me to feel comfortable and at ease, but most importantly a place to have a proper, sound sleep. I spend most of my time in my bedroom in bed with at least one screen nearby to keep me occupied. I will typically decorate my bedroom with pieces I find sentimental to remind me what is most important to me (friends & family) on a daily basis. I change bedrooms a lot so I find it hard to commit much emotion to any one specific bedroom in my life, the thought of it being my bedroom I suppose is more meaningful to me than the room itself."
Love Letter to my Room – Jasmine, 20th February 2021
"My room is light and airy and gives off chill, jungle vibes. I feel relaxed in my room, especially when the fairy lights and candles are on. I think my room reflects my personality by the positive energy given off."
Love Letter to my Room Short Film