ANAGLYPH for Spring/ Summer 2022 is an eye-opening trend created to encourage the consumer to widen their acceptance of the next digital movement. Exploring the personal and environmental benefits of the rise in digital fashion, ANAGLYPH inspires the consumer to develop their digital awareness, digital identity and educates them on how the digital evolution will benefit their lives. This futuristic perspective aims to utilise fashion and technology in order to promote a vibrant and fast-paced lifestyle that prepares the consumer for the future of fashion. ANAGLYPH believes digital fashion is infinite, when human life no longer exists digital fashion will be here forever, making this eye-opening and fast-paced trend limitless.

V-PPAREL, the brand, was created in response to the themes researched within ANAGLYPH, it was ultimately created in order to make digital fashion accessible for the consumer.

Amy Smith‘s dissertation research into the impact of digital fashion have on Generation Z concluded three main things: the consumer didn’t know enough about digital fashion; they didn’t know where to buy it from and they didn’t know why they should be doing it. These three elements inspired the curation of V-PPAREL, in order to create a brand, the consumer can trust and creates an easily accessible place for the consumer to buy digital fashion.

V-PPAREL is ultimately inspired by the waste created by the physical fashion industry, V-PPAREL believes sustainability initiatives will not create a sustainable industry and as long as we are making physical clothing, we will be harming our planet to exhaustion. Digital fashion is the only solution.