Warpd is a magazine brand and app community that explores mental health triggers among young adults and teenagers. It offers an escape from the damaging impact of social platforms, as well as entertainment and education through a humorous tone of voice. The magazine’s business plan incorporates a combination of research-driven advice and comedy to educate Generation Z without feeling morbid or boring. Augmented reality and QR codes throughout bring the photography to life and develop the magazine’s interactivity.

Eleanor Clarke’s dissertation research into authenticity on social media discovered that it causes mental health issues among Generation Z. In 2009, suicides for young girls aged between 10 – 14 years rose by 151%. Coincidentally, at this time, social media was introduced to mobile phones. Warpd has successfully infiltrated the hybrid markets of mental health and well-being to provide a solution to these difficulties. Warpd was derived to respond to these specific consumer needs – to deliver a brand that exposes the issues on social platforms, to entertain and make the consumer feel good. This will subconsciously provide consumers with health gratification and improve their self esteem through the support of Warpd community.