Nylon, Arnitel, polycarbonate and aluminium, 24x5.7x3.3cm
Array Promo – 05.2021 – SCOTT PADGETT
Array Promo – 05.2021 – SCOTT PADGETT

Array is a modular lighting system aimed at amateur mechanics to improve safety and workflow, designed by Scott Padgett.

The kit consists of a device with 2,4400 mAh Li-Po rechargeable battery packs, a tilting flood light incorporating brightness adjustment and a 36 chip COB LED. The kit also utilises a focus adjustable torch and a flexible task lamp for lighting hard-to-reach areas. The array kit features 3 base fixtures: a magnetic base, a swivel hook base and a rotating lip base to aid with workflow and safety in what can be a very dangerous environment if poorly lit. Array is charged in a storage box using a conventional USB Type C connector to make charging convenient. The box is padded with polyethylene foam which will stand up to the rigours of a workshop environment.

The use of materials was of great importance for Array as the lighting system would be used in harsh workshop environments and exposed to oils and other chemicals. Arnitel TPC is used for all over moulded details for its chemical resistance and relatively high heat resistance. Nylon PA66 GF30 is used for all main body components for its rigidity and drop resistance.

The various lights attach via a sliding locking mechanism actuated by a spring plunger, this ensures that electrical continuity is maintained. The lower attachment mechanism uses a socket set style attachment both utilising an anodised die-cast aluminium body for longevity.

Array uses no permanent bonding methods to make repairing the light easy and efficient this will also aid in the recyclability of the product at the end of its life.