Ease is a piece of speculative sculpture to be used as a self-help kit for insomnia. Inspired by a new methodology known as Paradoxical Intention or PI, Ease is designed to help people suffering with insomnia, although it can be used to ease other instances of personal unrest.

“I was inspired by the paradox: as the person tries harder to remain awake their mind and body becomes increasingly tired. The method attempts to reverse the frustration of not being able to fall asleep by actively constructing the unrest. I attempted to create a product that could provide the constructive element to compliment the method. Therefore, the most basic function of the Ease sculpture to be an interactive bedside kit that the person can play with and arrange upon realising their sleep has been hindered.”

Each of the included kit shapes have been carefully designed to reflect different emotions and feelings. The intention of this is that the person can use the kit as a tool for personal reflection by arranging the shapes before sleep to resemble the events of the day. The benefit of the product then is that it provides an alternative method of discrete self-reflection and personal cognisance. The individual can learn more about how they feel by interacting with the varied forms.

Matthews’ personal design philosophy veers to the speculative end of the design spectrum. He is interested not only in making things look beautiful, but in challenging the current remit of product with items that complement new forms of lifestyle rather than those that fit the commercial ideal.