Vuoro is a dawn simulation light and a circadian system that encourages the natural regulation of the internal body clock.

Poor sleep can lead to many serious health conditions including heart disease and diabetes. Polly Leeman’s research revealed that 79% of survey participants wake up feeling groggy or exhausted and 81% had little to no knowledge of circadian rhythms. Vuoro follows the natural cycle of the sun this user is pulled from deep to light sleep, without a shock reducing the effect of sleep inertia. This exposure of blue light in the morning kick starts the production of cortisol and serotonin and suppresses melatonin production. A hub for planning habits encourages the user to stick to a routine to maintain natural circadian rhythms. The portable pebble is taken with the user to remind them to complete those habits and when placed on the light in the evening, a red light sequence begins to increase melatonin production.

Materials are natural and sustainable including slip-cast porcelain, carved ash and jesmonite setting the light apart from clinical appearing technology-based competitors.
Leeman spent her placement year at UK commercial furniture manufacturer Ocee Design where she designed a range of botanical panels that are now available as part of Ocee’s portfolio. Following her internship she continued to work for Ocee during her final year as support for the design team. Since completing her degree she has worked as a graphic design intern with Bullion Chocolate, designing sales pack documents and packaging for new products.