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Sam Lowe
For Life, Den Building Kit
Sam Lowe
For Life, Den Building Kit

Sam Lowe has designed a den building kit that is intended to last a lifetime. The kit is the antithesis of toys created today by major toy manufactures. The toy market is saturated with plastic toys made extremely cheaply and disposed of quickly. This product is both physically and emotionally durable.

Lowe’s research has shown that the best way to build a product that lasts is to create an emotional attachment to that product through a shared experience with a loved one. Constructing a den is the perfect activity, as this helps the child build up a relationship with the people and world around them through problem-solving and creative thinking.

The kit includes tools; a tarp, rope, straps, clips, pegs, a decorative emblem, and two bags for storage. The bags are designed so that the child takes the lighter parts, and the adult takes the rest; they then share the components to construct a den structure collaboratively. Each element is chosen carefully to provide tools and materials that can easily make an environment of play. The emblem is a decorative piece cast from aluminium; it reads “our place” which gives ownership over the shared creation. This emblem can be kept throughout their lives as a reminder of the times they have had together constructing the den.

All of the materials were chosen carefully; they are as sustainable and durable as possible. Hemp and aluminium have been used to achieve this. Hemp being extremely fast-growing and aluminium being strong but lightweight has made these the best materials to use.

The For Life brand has been created as a subtle reminder of the product’s longevity. The aim is that it will be used by the child and a parent/guardian and passed down from generation to generation as a heritage product.

For Life, Den Building Kit (Opening Bags)
Hemp and aluminium
For Life, Den Building Kit (Den Building Kit)
For Life, Den Building Kit (Building Den)
For Life, Den Building Kit (Emblem)
Den Building Kit (Parts)