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Ben Hallcro
Project Iris
Ben Hallcro
Project Iris

Ben Hallcro’s Project Iris is a zero ink instant camera, designed to be given to future space tourists both as their boarding ticket and as a souvenir from their trip. The device limits the user to 20 printable photos and has no digital display. This encourages them to carefully consider what they’re capturing, while also keeping them engaged in their experience. Its key feature is an AI-controlled drone that can be detached from the main camera body to take group photos or follow the user in its sentry mode. The drone maneuvers around the microgravity environment using internal fans and a small reaction wheel module, similar to the one onboard the ISS.

3 – Project Iris – Front View – BEN HALLCRO
4 – Project Iris – Rear View – BEN HALLCRO
5 – Project Iris – Exploded View of Camera Body – BEN HALLCRO
6 – Project Iris – Exploded View of Drone – BEN HALLCRO
7 – Project Iris – Parts View – BEN HALLCRO