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Abi Ridden

Abi Ridden’s Imperium is a household product designed to encourage drinkers to drink less alcohol and keep track of the amounts consumed. Identifying a trend for bar-like experiences in the home, Ridden also saw an opportunity to nudge users towards healthier drinking choices. Imperium is a six piece luxury glass syringe kit, including 2 syringes, a walnut stand and a cork bung. Its glass construction encourages a gentle, slower interaction with the product, with syringes adding an element of theatricality whilst slowing down the whole process of having a drink.

Glass and cork. Image of the individual syringe components and cork bung which enables the user to attach the syringe to any alcoholic bottle.
Imperium drinking flutes
Once the syringe is used, the user is left with the outside of the syringe, which acts as a flute to hold the alcohol of their choice in
Bung Attachment
Detail showing the syringe attached to the bung. A one way valve allows the alcohol to be drawn up but then held in the flute
Walnut Stand
Vinyl walnut